Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend stuff...

We went out for Saturday lunch to farewell Kirby back to Adelaide.  We went to Fodder at Coonawarra - Blogger is still stuffing up my pictures so in reverse order we have dessert - Garden strawberries and vanilla icecream.
Passionfruit semi-freddo with cats tongue biscuits (don't even ask!).
Deconstructed pizza (entree) - all local produce.  Also for entree was a duck salad and flathead fillets.  I had veal schnitzel on a beetroot and apple coleslaw - delicious!

I finally cleaned out our bathroom cupboard - nice to find spilled shampoo right at the back!
That's better!
I tend to accumulate stuff in my linen closet shelves so I am going to work my way through numerous cans of hair spray, deodorant and fem hygiene products - shouldn't have to buy any for months!
I put away all the Christmas decorations at last and restored my mantlepiece to normal.
Nacho's for lunch.

This was our sunset last night - we are getting lots of smoke coming over the border from a fire at Nelson in Victoria - very eerie.
Today it is time to get back to normal routine and start juicing again!
I juiced silverbeet, cucumber, green apples and an orange.  Quite yummy!
It's meant to be 33C here today so had better get to work so I can get home on time this arvo - stay cool!
Cheers - Joolz 


  1. Happy New Year Joolz and thanks for dropping by my blog. I struggle to find time to leave comments at all the blogs of those that visit mine these days but know that I still read your posts and don't mind that the pictures are out of order - that food looks yummy. I too have started to juice again. I had forgotten how refreshing they were on hot summer days. I have yet to take down my Christmas tree but funnily enough also sorted through toiletries this morning! We must have the same ideas about getting organized and healthy! I am not looking forward to our predicted temps this week. Esp Wed - the low is 27 - what that's crazy and 37 the high. Love seeing another part of the country and catching up with what you are up to in the kitchen and home. Hopefully Blogger sorts itself out for you too.

  2. I am so glad I chose to have mainly drawers in my bathroom cupboard.

    I am in Portland and we have no smoke here from the fire, I cant even smell it.

    You had me really envious when I read your header on the tomato post, then I read your post! The way mine are now it looks like I will be buying tomatoes to make my passata.

  3. Hi I'm drooling, and I've just had breakfast! That deconstructed pizza suits me fine as I am gluten free...and duck salad...yum!!!!

    My Christmas stuff is still up...hopefully will get it down by the weekend. I'm going to have a look around your blog now xo

  4. Your food looks delicious. Cat's tongue biscuits, I know what they are!! Well done for getting into juicing. I can't stand vege juices. When I was 10/11 I was very sick and Mum use to give me carrot juice to drink. I'm afraid I O.D.'d and can't stomach the thought of any vege juices.
    I had to laugh at your toiletry cabinet. Mine is shocking and it's already been given a clean out. A year or so ago I went through my linen cupboard which was a disaster. I now roll my towels and sheets, they fit much easier and are easier to pull out too. The other thing I did was create fabric labels for the single, double and queen sized sheets and attach them to the sheet with a safety pin facing out. When I need to grab sheets if we have guests, I can put my hand on the right size. I've also done it for my cotton waffle blankets, rolling and labeling. Just a little tip if you want to be bothered going to the trouble.
    Anne xx

  5. Yum, that food all look delicious. We have had quite heavy smoke in the Riverland too from the Vic fires and the smell is really strong...quite bizarre, you'd think there was a major fire near us.

  6. Good start on the decluttering Joolz. Hope your Mum's injury is progressing well & hubby health is ok.
    Caroline xo


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