Saturday, November 3, 2012

What the hell am I doing wrong with Blogger!!!

Updated: I have had another try today to make changes to my blog.  I go in through Template, I have chosen an Ethereal template and applied that.  I hit the customise button and it takes me to the Blogger Template Designer.  I go through and choose colours, fonts etc, applying them to the blog as I go.  When I hit View Blog, it all looks wonderful.  The background I chose 2 days ago is there, although it wasn't this morning and it all looks great.  When I log out and come back, the changes are not there and it has reverted to stupid font and text colours!  For the love of Pete!
 I go into design and choose a background and apply it.
 Then when I go into template and choose the template it gets rid of the background I want!
   I am so frustrated I don't know what to do!
I am obviously doing something wrong!
   Please help me!
I think my hair is falling out!


  1. I think you must pick your templace first and then your background....I'm as far from an expert as can be but I think that's what I did...

    it is soooooo frustrating :(
    good luck!

  2. You have to pick the right template first, then do the background html. Sometimes they tell you which one to use that makes it work.


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