Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Pudding ...

(big pudding in saucepan and baby pudding ready for steaming (2 hours)
Every year at Christmas, I enjoy eating Mum's Christmas Pudding, with hot custard and a bit of cream.  Every year I wish I could have a bit more!  To remedy this and so I can enjoy little bits of pudding through January, February, March etc, I made my own.
(click to enlarge)
 The recipe is on the box of Tandaco Suet Mix - the very recipe Mum has used for probably 60 years.  It is very easy to make but requires steaming for 5 hours on the stove.
 And  et voila!  One perfect pudding - it smells soooo good ... now, will it come out of the basin?
 Perfect! I popped it back in again, covered tightly with foil then replaced the snap on lid.  Now it is at the back of my fridge, until Christmas nears... I hope I can resist! The only variation to the recipe was that I mascerated the dried fruit (and I added a small bag of glace cherries too) in 1/2 a cup of brandy (not 1/4) for a week beforehand, stirring daily.  This really plumped up the fruit and it smelled divine.  It makes a big pudding and in this case, my basin was a tad small so I made a tiny one in a little spring form tin so that is an added bonus!  That wee one is tucked away in the freezer.
Give this recipe a go - it's a never fail one!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. mmm, yum sounds good, maybe next year I will get my act together and make one.

  2. Everything looks delicious as usual. I'm sure I gain weight reading your blog! Would you please post or email me the cherry shortbread recipe...pretty please?

    have a wonderful week,

  3. You did a great job Joolz, looks perfect. Mmmm, I can taste pudding and custard now...yum!

  4. That looks SOOOOO good! I've got my fruit cake fruit soaking as we speak and usually use an old Women's Weekly recipe for the pud but yours looks so worth a go!

    I'd also like the cherry shortbread recipe! They look excellent.

  5. I have my great grandmother's fruit cake recipe, but it calls for huge amounts and makes 5 cakes! It recommends pouring a cup of whiskey over each cake and declares that it "will drive away the blues"! My hubby's family are from England and my sister-in-law has the family recipe for the Brain Christmas pudding. Perhaps someday when I retire I will get ambitious and will attempt to make it. Eldest daughter and I do LOVE fruitcake and have a nibble every morning in the weeks before Christmas! Years ago I made a golden fruitcake--very delicious with dried apricots and cherries--I think I will make it this weekend!
    P.S. Those cherry shortbreads are beautiful. Granddaughter Julia and I will have to make those for sure!

  6. Oh I can smell that from here, what a beauty and good on you for carrying on your Mum's tradition. I've just put my fruit to soak for our Christmas cake today, yes, better late than never!!!


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