Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring at last! ...

(web pic)
Today is the first day of Spring in Australia (Southern Hemisphere) and it looks like it will be a beauty! We have clear skies and sunshine today after a bit of cloud (although it is still chilly with an expected top of 17C)
A good deed is never lost -
He who sows courtesy
reaps friendship and he
who plants kindness
gathers love.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Wordsworth would have loved those splendid daffodils. Aren't they amazing ?

  2. So beautiful! Wish I could say we are having hints of Autumn here...we are still over one hundred degrees (about 40C). It wears me out.

  3. How beautiful. It seems it was just Spring here, but it's already Fall. We are looking forward to some cooler weather.

  4. Yup Spring has sprung in Brissy for sure! Lovin the smell of our flowering honeysuckle and jasmine :]

  5. Well Fall is supposed to be heading our way, but first we have to contend with the heat and humidity, hitting 40 oF today with the humidity.....would swap you for your weather!!

    Gill in Canada


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