Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home entertainment containment...

We've been living with this arrangement for quite a while (since Kirby took the bigger TV back to Adelaide). We have her small TV and it sits on a bedside chest of drawers. Brianna's Wii plus all the games and controllers and Wii Fit board, portable DVD player and Ninendo64 litter the floor and we also had a Hi-Fi hooked up there (for my Ipod).
I have an extrememly busy Hubby so getting away from work to shop for a new TV and entertainment unit doesn't happen often. We finally found time to get the TV and a surround sound system but couldn't find a cabinet to house it all.
However, the next time I went to Mt.G I went to another furniture store and found just what we were looking for $320! It is just the perfect colour cream and has a lovely solid timber top that matches our other furniture. Now everything is neat and tidy and we love the big screen! Yay!
My cold sores are starting to subside but are still stingy and sore. I have also developed a spasm in a neck muscle so I think I have a date with the couch and a Valium for the afternoon. I have a Bowen Therapy appointment tomorrow so I hope that alleviates the neck problem. I think I need a holiday!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Very nice new TV and entertainment system! :)

  2. That TV cupboard looks just right. Well found.
    Cols Sores ?? are you run down ?


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