Monday, January 10, 2011

Off to the doctors...

We have a 9.30am appointment with on of the best doctors in the local practice so I hope he can give Bri some relief. I think she may need intravenous help! Thank you all for your kind wishes, I'll let you know how we go.
Updated: Had blood test for tonsilitis and Glandular Fever - results due Wednesday. More antibiotics and Aspro-clear gargling until then.


  1. Poor Bri, tonsilitis is horrible. Hope the antibiotics are kicking in and she feels better soon.

  2. I hope she gets some relief soon, I used to have tonsilitis like that as a teenager and it was so bad once that my throat blocked up (not good). I feel for her.

  3. Sending healing thoughts to you Bri & some for your Mum to - Just because us Mothers worry.

    Caroline xo

  4. poor thing, I hope she feels better soon, that is no fun. -When I was her age I had to drive myself home from school sick, only lived 2 miles away but didn't quite make it home before losing everything I had in my tummy. It was not pretty. -I am glad she knew not to go to the party. Poor thing.

  5. Poor girl!! Glandular fever is nasty. Another good gargle tonic is Aspalgin. Similar to Aspro. Hope she doesn't suffer too long with it, and she's able to get plenty of sleep.

    Lisa x

  6. Sending prayers for healing....



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