Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wisdom update...

Kirby is still taking Panadol and Nurofen for her mouth pain, but less frequently. We realised on Thursday morning that the Endone she was prescribed (Morphine based) was tripping her out (the anaesthetist told me she could have it with P & N!) and she couldn't tell if she was in pain or not. She basically didn't sleep more than a few hours at a time since Monday night. So Thursday (under doctors orders - he told me I'd basically been overdosing her with all 3!) she just took Endone and no P or N - she still looked totally zonked. Her pupils were really dilated and she still had a lot of pain. Friday I said 'no more Endone - just Panadol and Nurofen, alternated'. This made her a lot brighter and her eyes returned to normal and she had colour in her cheeks again. She got up and baked a cake! All this time, she has been eating well and hasn't had trouble chewing food. Yesterday, she still needed relief, but less often and finally said her mouth was starting to return to normal. This poor kid has not left the house since Monday, spending time on the couch or in bed trying to get some sleep. It's been a long week for all of us so I hope today is even better for her. Not a great way to spend a week of your Uni holidays, is it? If/when Brianna has to have her wisdom teeth out, she can decide - I'm not going to be responsible for putting my child through that much pain again!
We're off to see the flooring in the unit so will have some pics to post later in the week. We also have a fancy dinner to attend on Monday night so that should be nice.
Stay safe,


  1. Glad she is starting to recover from all the pain, I haven't had mine out so have no idea what the pain would be like. Everyone who has had them out says they are very painful.

  2. I have heard nothing but bad things about Endone, the Mr was given it after he had an arthroscopy, but as he didn't feel in much pain he never took it. A friend who was a nurse was staying with us at the time said that if he did take some, to only take half a tablet which would be enough. Happy to hear that Kirby is better.

  3. I Blogged my Wisdom tooth ordeal...
    I too was a nutter on endone...It made me loopy but I still had pain and could'nt sleep!
    The swelling and bleeding were horrific...
    I am glad to hear your Daughter has turned a corner and hope she stays well on the long road to recovery!
    Oh I feel for her.

  4. I do know people who have had lots of pain with wisdom teeth removal, but it doesn't happen to everyone! My son swelled like a balloon, but was relatively painfree. My daughter didn't swell at all and had little pain. Your other daughter may be just fine!

  5. Good to hear Kirby is feeling better! No, not a great way to spend the holidays...
    I hope this week is a better one for all of you :0)

  6. So sorry she's had so much pain! Bo had that done last year and it was tough. (They're about the same age, right?) Sounds like you're on top of it and I KNOW she's got a GOOD MOM!!!



  7. Anything morphine based zonks you out. They were giving me that after I had an operation on my leg and it's true, you don't know whether it hurts or not. In hospital that doesn't matter too much but when all you can utter is a load of jumbled up nonsense, well.....! Paracetomol and codeine works just as well but I dropped the codeine asap as that can be a bit of a zonker too

  8. Well, just great about that pain report...I'm going to have to have some wisdom teeth extracted. Been putting it off and now I want to put it off even more. Yuck. Glad she's recuperating and know it's partly because of the tender care she received! C



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