Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pain relief...

Kirby had her four wisdom teeth extracted under general anaesthetic on Monday. She had day surgery at our local hospital and came out of the operation beautifully. She has been taking it easy on the couch and keeping warm. Tuesday she was feeling quite good but this morning the pain has become more intense and she didn't sleep much at all last night, even with the pain medication prescribed by the anaesthetist. I hope things start to improve later today - I hate seeing her in pain.
Thank you all for your comments on our kitchen renovations - it is at the unit where Kirby lives - not our house. We have bought the property as an investment and for somewhere for both girls to live while at university. When they have finished with is, hopefully the market will be kind to us and we can sell it for a tidy profit. If not, we will hang on to it and rent it out again.
The flooring is now in but we haven't seen it yet. Heading there this weekend so all will be revealed then.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Kirby is so blessed to have that taken care of. I worry about my boys wisdom teeth. The dentist didn't seem as keen last December with second son, I was hoping for news on the teeth.

  2. Oh poor Kirby, the pain will get better each day.

    My daughter had this done last year and the first couple of days she seemed okay, and then the pain hit. She is so much better for it now though. I had ONE removed recently and the side of my face bruised and swelled something shocking.

    Hope you are having the glorious weather that we are.


  3. Oh the poor girl, cannot imagine how bad it is since I have never had a wisdom tooth out.
    Hoping she will feel a lot better soon.

  4. I can only imagine the discomfort Kirby is in. I've had 2 wisdoms out but I was lucky and had no pain to speak of, was eating hard toast the same night :)
    Hope she is feeling better soon.

  5. Feel sorry for poor ol' Kirby. Never mind, it won't be like that forever! The worst bit's over with.



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