Monday, February 15, 2010

Off to see a movie...

The M.O.T.H and Brianna have gone to have their ears drums blown out by AC/DC tonight in Melbourne. The saner women in the family (Kirby and moi) are going out to dinner and then to see Valentine's Day. A much nicer choice and I know we'll be able to hear ourselves think when we come out of the film. House is clean so when we get home there'll be nothing to do - Bliss!
I'll let you know what I think of the movie later.
Review: Loved the movie! - okay it's a chick flick and I don't think Angus would have liked it that much but Kirby and I certainly enjoyed it. If you liked Love Actually and He's Just Not That Into You then you'll like this. There were so many well known actors in it which kept it interesting I think. Loved Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner but Patrick Dempsey was the shocker!! A few twists right at the end had us gasping but ultimately we laughed lots and cried a bit (well I did) and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I'll definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD to add to my chick flick collection.
Thinking I'll put up a list of all the DVD's I have soon - you can probably tell a lot about a person from their DVD library!
I must try a Red Velvet Cake - Debbie and Granny both made them for Valentine's Day and they look delicious.
Enjoy your week,


  1. Wanna see Valentines Day too let us know how good it is. Though ACDC would be good too like you I think it would be too loud.
    I am having a piece of red velvet cake with coffee as I type

  2. Hello Joolz
    I was thinking of having a go at that cake as well. It does look rather nice so hopefully will taste rather nice as well lol
    Take care

  3. Loving your presence of mind! I heard someone on the radio talking about the price of the ACDC concert and they said they decided not to buy tickets, but will sit outside cause it will be plenty loud enough! Lol!

  4. Hi Joolz,
    No 1 son and wife flew from Charters Towers to Melbourne to go and see ACDC on the week-end...I'm with you though take the movies any time...



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