Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook...

For today - WEDNESDAY

Outside my window - bright sunshine, it's going to be about 38C (100F) here today. White corellas are sitting in the gum trees, making a racket. They wake us up every morning. I hear a kookaburra each morning too but that doesn't bother me.

I am thinking - about Kirby heading off to Melbourne today. She is going to the Sensation White Party with her girlfriends. I hope they will be safe.

I am thankful - that we have air conditioning at work now. It makes the day so much more bearable.

I am wearing - black shorts, striped T-shirt and white Havaianas.

I am remembering - to pay some bills today being the end of the month.

I am going - to work this afternoon. This morning I am pottering around the house, tidying, washing, putting away Christmas stuff. It seems neverending.

I am reading - recipe books today. We are going to spend New Year with friends at the beach so I want to make some finger food to take with us that can be microwaved hot just before serving. I have a few things in mind.

I am hoping - it won't be too hot tomorrow for New Year's Eve. I hope Kirby and Bri both have a good time.

On my mind - Kirby in Melbourne - she is flying there this morning by herself, has to catch the shuttle bus into the city, meet up with her friends then get to her hotel by tram. Big adventures!

Noticing that - I am still sitting here, typing away, and the washing machine is silent. Must get another load on....done!

From the kitchen - those yummy Ginger Snaps - delicious. Also, last night I cooked chicken breasts and some breast tenders, coated in 1 cup Kraft Dijonaise (Mayonnaise), 2 teaspoons curry powder and 2 tablespoons sweet chilly sauce, in a lasagne dish. Bake at 180 uncovered for about 30 minutes, basting with the sauce once or twice. Yummy. Thinking I'll try Pioneer Woman's Mushrooms Stuffed with Brie - recipe here.

Around the house - just tidying, kitchen floor needs a mop to it, wipe out bathroom sinks, vacuum living area. Boring, boring, boring.

In the garden - I received a Topsey Turvey Tomato & Herb planter - I'll post photos when I get the thing planted out and hung up.

A picture to share - aren't these Sesame Street Cake Pops so cute. Check out how Bakerella creates these fun cakes on a stick - here. The whole Bakerella blog is full of lolly loveliness!

Have a nice day, won't you?
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Hi Joolz,
    It was about time I dropped by for a visit to your blog! Thanks for the lovely comments you left at mine! You look as if you enjoyed an awesome Christmas day with your extended family - mine are all overseas. It is only since we came to Oz from NZ in 2002 that we have had just our immediate family for Christmas - so I don't have to resort to paper plates but I would if I had that many guests coming for dinner and the green wine glasses which I personally wash up to avoid breakages (tile floors!) would be staying in the cupboard!
    I need to come by and check out your blog more often - those gingerbread biscuits are tempting me right now - will have to send the kids down to check the eggs for a baking session, I need to make a cake, for today is my 20th wedding anniversary and I just discovered my husband left me a present on the bed which I didn't notice before he left for work! He bought me a perfume and lotion set 'Intimately Beckham' which is my new favourite perfume, I now smell like my daughter as it is her favourite too! Hope you have a fantastic New Year, my husband is on holiday for the full month of January - just need to get our van fixed and I wish our air conditioning was working, it died a while ago and the humidity today is about 97% after it rained last night.
    I'm emailing you our baby's name right now!

  2. 38 degrees c??? Oh my goodness, I would die. 28c would be hot in Scotland. I would be happy at aroud 18-20c. That would be a perfect summer's day to me! Lol!

    Loved those Sesame Street lollies! Can't believe that show is 40 years old though!


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