Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Pay it Forward Pressie...

This is the sweet little throw rug that Ande from Burger Six made for me as her Pay It Forward gift. She forgot to take a pic so I thought I'd post a pic on my blog.
I promise to have my PIF's in the mail by January 31st to complete my end of the bargain. My PIF recipients are Pip, Marcy and Picklesticks so keep a look out in your mail boxes for a surprise.
I've been busy this morning, making the Vegeroni Bake, a glaze for our baked ham, a spice rub to go on 2 Beer Can Chickens and now I have to wrap 10 bottles of Champagne in cellophane and bows and write in cards for our staff. I have the washing machine going, my Christmas tunes blaring and a little elf (who's name happens to be Holly!) is cleaning the house so it's all good!
It's lovely and cool outside after a disgusting day yesterday. I went to Mt. G shopping and my car registered the temperature outside as 45C!!! It had cooled down to 34C by the time I returned home. We had really strong winds in the evening before finally getting a spit of rain around midnight. There was a bushfire about 100kms away so I hope that was extinguished with the rain. It's been raining all morning here so that has washed all the dust away. I think the forecast for tomorrow is about 23C (72F) so it should be a pleasant day.
Still lots of organising to do, tables to set, a fresh pine tree to trim with gold baubles and meat to cook. I have one more present to add to then wrap and I'm done! Phew!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. I hope your enjoying the rain and the cooler weather...Have a great Christmas and New year...
    Blessings Mandy

  2. I had forgotten about the PIF, but thats ok, now I will have a legitimate reason to visit a few craft shops over Christmas so I can get ideas for my PIF's. The Beer Can chickens sound interesting. The cool change has come just in time.
    take care

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas, Joolz!!!
    Blessings & Hugs

  4. I hope you had a fantastic and Merry Christmas, Joolz! It was a rather quiet day around here - and it was utterly perfect!
    All the best to you and yours, and may 2010 find y'all healthy and happy!

  5. I think your pics turned out better than mine would have. I hope you are enjoying it. We have a few so that we can keep some in the car for when the kids need a blanket, or we decide to go to the park. Hope you have a great day!


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