Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're having a heatwave....

South Australia is experiencing a record-breaking heatwave - a week of temperatures over 35 degrees Celcius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). The last time we had extreme heat like this in November was 115 years ago.
It is extremely important for people to take care of themselves when we experience heat like this.
You wouldn't want this to happen to the Mr Whippy van, would you?
I hate hot weather - anything over about 24C is hot to me!
This is what I looked like last summer while working at our dealership - fortunately we have installed air conditioning and used is for the first time yesterday. It was lovely and cool!
We might go to the beach tonight for a barbecue. We did that a few times last summer (after Christmas).
If you're in South Australia, I hope you can stay cool, it's gonna be a long week. These are the temperatures and expected temperatures for Adelaide this week (my town is in brackets - we are near the coast so temperatures are slightly cooler)
Sunday 36.7C (33.7C)
Monday 37C (35C)
Tuesday 38C (35C)
Wednesday 39C (34C)
Thursday 39C (35C)
Friday 39C (36C)
Saturday 34C (30C)
Sunday 29C (22)
Monday 28C (19C)
Stay cool friends,
Cheers - Joolz


  1. I feel for ya, Joolz. It seems the summers get harder to endure every year around here.

  2. 40 here today Joolz,
    then 40 tomorrow, 42 Thursday, Friday AND Saturday. Sunday is looking better with a cool 34. Our heat is so dry if you know what I mean. So boring in this weather as we spend so much time inside keeping cool!

    I hope I can survive it, tis a big shock after all the cool days we had been experiencing. Worked cleaning a house yesterday and today, certainly get a sweat up doing that. Our pool is our saving grace!!

    Stay cool Joolz the best way you know how,



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