Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 22 - Slow and steady...edited...

Day 22 - Monday - Walked with KP 5 kms as usual.
Breakfast - 1/2 cup Just Right & 1/2 cup Special K cereal, skim milk & a banana. Glass of fresh orange juice.
Slice of toast with vegemite.
Cup of coffee at work
Lunch - plate of salad vegies, small tin of tuna - like last week.
Snack - 4 cruskits with vegemite.
After 3 weeks, I have lost 1.5 kgs (3.3 lbs). Slow progress but progress non the less! By the way, my legs are not that shape in real life - that would be scary! However, they are that white and hairy! Lol!
I bought the October 2009 Weight Watchers magazine and they have some great pasta recipes. We tried this recipe for dinner :

150 gms baby spinach leaves - blanch in boiling water, drain and squeeze out excess water then chop finely
6 slices pancetta, fat trimmed - cooked in frypan until crisp - remove and chop finely
350 gms low fat ricotta cheese
500 mls tomato passata
1 clove garlic
1/3 cup fresh basil, chopped finely
12 cannelloni tubes
50 gms low fat mozzarella or tasty cheese
In a bowl add spinach, ricotta and pancetta, season with salt and pepper. Stuff the cannelloni tubes with this mixture.
Hint: I put on a disposable rubber glove and hand stuff them, pushing the mixture into one end of the tube until it is full.
Combine the passata, basil and garlic in a bowl and mix together.
Arrange the filled tubes in a (spray-oil) greased baking dish, top with the passata. Place in oven at 160C for about 15 minutes then top with cheese and bake a further 10 minutes until cheese has melted and browned.
Serve with a side salad and small hot bread rolls (my suggestion).
To bulk up this dish, I did add about 200gms of cooked chicken mince and added this to the filling mix.
If I hadn't told the family that it was low fat, they would never have known. Delicious!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Good for you, girl! You're doing fantastic and even if those aren't your legs ( do you mind telling us who's they are?) they look pretty good to me!!

    I haven't had the guts to get on the scale yet, but I'm proud to say my guts are definitely "less" than they were just a few weeks back!
    Can't wait until I'm entirely "gutless", eh?

  2. Woo Hoo Joolz way to go! It makes it worthwhile when the scales make you smile.

  3. WELL DONE!! And the legs look just fine to me... you should see the state of mine.x

  4. Hi Joolz thanks for leaving me a comment. Yes I have been away from blogging for quite awhile I have been really sick but hope to get back soon.


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