Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 16 - Breakfast, lunch and dinner...yada yada yada...

Spring is springing in this neck of the woods... pretty violas and violets...
New growth on the silver birch Angus planted...
Violas and petunias on our front porch...
* Breakfast - Just Right & Special K cereal, banana, a big spoonful of natural yoghurt on top, fresh squeezed juice of 4 oranges and a cup of Bushells tea.
* Lunch - lavash bread with turkey, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, beetroot, cheese & mayo.
* Oh, yeah!
Dinner - looks a bit sad...I froze these meals last week knowing that Angus would be away. Bri and I are off to Mt.G tonight so she can attend a performance of Taming of the Shrew with her Drama class. Quick, easy and tasty (and ready to zap!).
Cheers - Joolz

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  1. Joolz, you ALWAYS make everything look absolutely fantastic. But then again, it is! And I love that it's spring where you are. We had some rain today with an advertising of fall. Ahhhhh. Temps in the 70's vs. upper 90's. I'll take it. You are doing such a great job, Joolz! THANK YOU for being a great example to ALL of us. :)

  2. You're brilliant Joolz. Your 'diet' meals get tastier looking with each day that passes.

  3. Those sandwiches of yours make me hungry every time drop in here. I am definitely going to get some beetroot next time I go to the grocery! I have never thought of adding that to a sandwich...genius!

  4. Beetroot is nearly always on the list of sandwich fillers. If we Aussies have a hamburger with the lot, there had better be beetroot in it.

    I'm buying fresh beetroot today so I can juice it with apple, orange, celery and carrot.

    cheers - Joolz


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