Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 13 - Off to the Footy...

Day 13 - Breakfast - 2 slices wholemeal toast with vegemite and peanut butter.
Off to our local Football/Netball Grand Final at our home ground, Hatherleigh. I was rostered on the sell raffle tickets for an hour and a half then decided I'd stay and watch our A Reserve netball team play their GF. They won! I took a packed lunch so I would not be tempted to eat a hotdog, sausage roll or hot chips and gravy. Oh my, they used to taste so good!
Lunch - wholemeal ham, cheese & mustard sandwich, container of fruit salad, banana.
Nibbles - pistachio nuts, dried apricots. Water.
After the A Reserve game I helped on one of the food and drink stalls then I got asked to work in the canteen for a while. Thats where the chips & gravy are....
But I was very good and didn't have any! Yay!
Dinner - Angus cooked some loin lamb chops in the Weber and I did a salad of lettuce leaves, dried cranberries, olives, cucumber and cheese. I roased potato and sweet potato in the oven with some seasoning. Our table is pictured above. We sat and talked a lot about the busy week ahead. Angus is off for a business trip so there was laundry to get ready also.
After a very warm, windy day (22C) it is now raining (on my towels on the line!).
Cheers - Joolz

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  1. I truly am moving in!
    All you make sounds delish!
    It is funny with community things how many things we end up dong eh?


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