Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here's what I'm up to...

Pip from Restisnotidleness had this nifty list on her blog, via Pip at Meetmeatmikes. Thought I'd give it a go:

Making: Chai tea - Twinings, milk and 2 sugars thank you. And I want to make some lemon cordial.
Cooking: Oatmeal cookies with cranberries from Hannah at Honey & Jam
Drinking: that Chai tea, mmmmmm! Later, maybe a nice Cabernet Sauvignon with dinner.
Reading: Never Say Die - Chris O'Brien. He is a very good story teller and I'm enjoying his story.
Wanting: Some sunshine today to clear the cobwebs from my mind.
Looking: out my study window, the window is dirty from the rain. Could do with a clean.
Playing: Bubble Shooter...until my shoulders get sore...
Wasting: yep, too much time playing Bubble Shooter!
Sewing: Nada, zip, zero, nyet, nil! Shame.
Wishing: peace for the bereaved families of the two people who's funerals I attended this week.
Enjoying: Saturday at home, all day.
Waiting: for the next load of washing to finish so I can hang it... inside!
Liking: the thicker doona I put on our bed a few weeks ago. Toasty warm.
Wondering: what Angus will cook for dinner tonight?
Loving: my family
Hoping: that Spring will arrive on time, on September 1. Sunny days, a sprinkle of rain at night -that would be perfect, right?
Marvelling: at Brianna, driving a manual car around our small back paddock.
Needing: some new clothes that fit me correctly. I hate buying clothes. Only time I use the word hate!
Smelling: my laundry detergent - Surf Small n Mighty - Oriental. Delicious.
Wearing: black tracky dacks, pink striped polo shirt and my crocs.
Following: Pip's list for this blog.
Noticing: Erk, it's after noon and I really haven't done anything!
Knowing: It really doesn't matter - I've got all day to do nothing! Ha!
Thinking: I need to buy some more viola seedlings to go in some pots. Pretty when they flower.
Feeling: Grotty. Need to shower then I might do some more Mary Wigham.
Boookmarking: Ladybird World Mother - bit of a giggle here and there.
Opening: the clothes dryer to take out freshly fluffed smalls.
Giggling: at an e-mail my sister sent me. I might share some of the sayings in a later post.
Feeling: ready for another cup of Chai tea.


  1. I don't like buying clothes much either Joolz, even worse is buying new bras.....

  2. Hi Joolz

    I dropped into Target on the way home form our quilting retreat on the weekedn adn bought two new bras ($16.99 each!!!) and a new dress for my big week ahead. Check your email snad I will explain all.

    love the list thing might have time to do one myself later this wek



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