Friday, July 3, 2009

Mary Wigham Stitch-along

I have fallen in love with this vintage cross stitch pattern called Mary Wigham Forever. It was originally stitched in 1790 and it has stood the test of time - nearly 220 years! I think the colours would look nice in my home. I found it via Chookyblue, then via The Cross Stitcher then onto It is a stitch-a-long project and I think there are 9 installments for the pattern, of which I have 5 so far.
I plan to work it on 18 count cream Aida cloth - I am afraid my eyes are not good enough to do it on linen. I may have to take a quick spin to Mt.G to get the cloth and cottons so I can start it on the weekend.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. I love cross stitch..but I cant do it ! I am a "slap,bang, crash ,full speed ahead,get it done quick sort of gal!!" It is my down fall,I wish I could sit quietly and hand stitch something,but I always seem to have so many things I want to do in one day..I feel as though Im burning daylight,just sitting :0)Maybe when I stop working I will ba able to chill,and do afew gentle,quiet projects.

  2. Hi Joolz, if you're going to make Mary you might be interested in the Aussie Mary Wigham SAL blog, hopefully we'll all spur each other on!

  3. Hey Joolz! Nice blog, all those lovely recipes. So you're down near the Mount? What's the stash shopping like? I buy most of my stuff online, although there are a couple of places here in Adelaide that are okay for a visit.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress on MW! I'm stitching her this weekend, hoping to get a fair bit stitched!

  4. Joolz,

    Thanks for visiting - so glad you are joining the fun!!! I love love love Mary Wigham, and have really enjoyed stitching it so far.

    Happy Stitching.


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