Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The difference between...

Some overseas bloggers have enquired about the taste of Vegemite. I don't know how to explain it. It is savoury and salty and after that, I can't explain it. It is a breakfast staple in most Australian households. In fact, if you have a front door on your house, chances are you have Vegemite in the cupboard! Lol! I would equate it to Maple Syrup being the staple of most Canadian households.
Marmite is the British equivalent of Vegemite, I can't say I have ever tried it.
Promite is a vegetable & yeast extract which is sweeter and has a softer, more spreadable texture. I dislike it! Angus prefers it over Vegemite, therefore we have both.
Now I need to come clean - I have consumed the entire jar of "Name me" Cheese Vegemite wasn't too bad at all. It was nice on fresh bread and I finished it off this morning on hot toast. It is more fattening than Vegemite so for that reason I will not buy it regularly but as a treat/something different for a change.
Other things we put on our toast in the morning are:
jams, marmalade, fish paste (Anchovette), Chicken & Ham paste (ha ha - made from pork hearts and tongues - if you care to read the label!), ham, cheese & mustard, tomato chutney, honey, golden syrup. We're a funny lot,us Aussies!
Cheers - Joolz


  1. I'm into Anchovette as well. Chicken and Ham is nice too, I had forgotten about it really.

    It was interesting you liked the new spread, I hope I see a jar in the coming months.

  2. I must be boring, I have butter on my toast, sometimes jam or cinnamon sugar. Of course I eat toast mostly when I am having oatmeal and I like dipping it in. Hope you have fun cleaning, that is what I need to do. Yuck.

  3. Hi Joolz I have an award for you over at my blog if you would like to pick it up,enjoy the weekend :0)

  4. O Yum I forgot all about anchovette until you mentioned it do they still make it??? I lvoed that stuff when i was a kid "fish paste" my brother used to call it!!!!

    A whole jar of that stuff !!!!! I thought of another name they call that plastic cheese in a jar cheese whizz in some parts of the world so you could call it "Whizzymite".

    But then I thought when it is all mixed together it wouold look like baby poop - so ...well I am sure I can leave some of those names to your imagination - but A WHOLE JAR!!!!!!!


  5. How did I miss this post Joolz! It never appeared on my dashboard.

    Here in England we seem to have the same disgusting habits as you Aussies in what we put on our morning toast. I quite like it with marmalade and dipped in coffee but if you have butter on it as well it makes the coffee taste horrid.

    Marmite is definitely an acquired taste - in fact their advertising campaign right now runs along those lines. Glad I persevered! Never tried vegemite snd never even heard of the other one. Any sort of meat paste is off the list unless I make it myself ever since I started taking notice of labeling.

    love, Angie, xx

  6. Nup... I've tried Promite and Marmite, but Vegemite wins in this household, hands down!
    I loves me some Vegemite on toast or crumpets, and the 'name me" isn't bad either - I just forget to use it!

    Mmmm... crumpets with melted cheese and Vegemite.... yummy!


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