Sunday, May 24, 2009

Catching up in Ballarat...

(Sunrise 6.45am)
After a lovely, tiring day at the Mount Gambier Cup Racing Carnival on Friday, I was up bright at early on Saturday at 5.30am ready for a 7am departure for Ballarat. We (my 4 sisters, my mother and me) were off to meet up with my uncle and aunty from Melbourne. My mum hasn't seen them for over a year.
L to R: Julie, Janine, Marilyn, Sue & Leanne
L to R: Julie, Leanne, Mum (Dorothy), Janine, Marilyn & Sue
L to R: Colin(76), Lynette, Mum(79)
L to R: Maz (57), Neen(55), Sue(52), Fred(50) & Joolz(44)
(I still don't really know why I grew so tall - they were all wearing higher heeled boots than me and I still tower over them!)
Mum had a lovely time catching up with Colin & Lynette. On Saturday afternoon, they took a drive around Ballarat while we girls went for some retail therapy. We then came back to the motel and enjoyed some wine and had the photo session. Later in the evening we had a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant. There was lots of laughter and giggles! After a big day, we had quite an early night, interrupted only by snoring (moi, Joolz apparently!), dripping pipes and howling wind. We were a little bleary eyed this morning and some had to endure cold showers (not Joolz who was first up, bright eyed and bushy-tailed!). A shared breakfast bought on more laughter (Uncle Colin is a dag(#) and both he and Lynette are good story tellers!) then it was time to say farewell and travel home again.
A great weekend.
Cheers - Joolz
(#) Dictionary meaning - DAG - bits of manure that stick to the long wool around a sheep's bottom forming small dangling balls. Lol! Also a (colloquial) term for a funny person, nerd or goof. In this respect it can have either an endearing or disparaging meaning, although it is usually used for a likeable fellow - like my Uncle Colin!!!!!!


  1. Hi Joolz! What's a dag?

    Was it really as cold as the woolies suggest? Us brits would probably have sat there in shorts and T shirts. I remember going to Malta at New Year a few years ago and as it was lovely at 22 degrees we didn't wear much. You could tell the Maltese, they were the ones in fur coats and hats stomping around and flapping their arms at bus stops.

  2. Glad that Angie asked about the dag thing...I was going to "play it cool" and not ask and just guess that it meant something like a comedian.

    My daughter, who has the baby nicknamed Joolz, just like you, always wanted to be VERY tall. She did make it to 5'7", but she said she wanted to be so tall that she had to duck down to get through doorways!

    So glad you had a great time and I would have gotten the warm shower too as I am an early riser.



  3. Sounds like a great family weekend.Sooo what treasures did you find on your retail therapy session?? Mmm I'm the one that always gets the blame for snoring too, but it couldn't be me!!LOL
    Ha Ha love the Dag bit!!

  4. Hi Joolz,
    sounds like a good time was had by all, I didn't know you were so tall, it must be great to get together with your sisters.

  5. Sounds like a great week-end...Shopping and good company is always a winner isn't it...

  6. Joolz, Costco isn't open yet (they're supposed to open in July) but I think I read somewhere that you might be able to order on-line,(I can't remember where you're located) or I would be happy to pick some Pop Tarts up for you!
    Your daughter has good taste!
    I don't like the frosted ones much, but the strawberry or blueberry plain ones? YUM!


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