Friday, April 10, 2009

Like / Dislike ....

I like a nice tidy kitchen. I dislike mess. A place for everthing and everything in its place. Thats not how things have been lately. My dishwasher is on the fritz again (again, again, again, again, AGAIN!!!!)
We have had split spray arms replaced (x 3), we have had door seals replaced, we have had top inlets replaced and STILL this bucket of shit still leaks! I am currently waiting for a part to arrive on a slow boat from Germany (bottom seal). The 5 year warranty runs out in May so we paid $259 for another 5 years extended warranty. Today we read in the paper that Kleenmaid have been placed in receivership. Do you think our warranty will still stand? Bit hard to get warranty
when no-one will be answering their phones, eh?
Not happy!


  1. Oooh Aaaah Joolz
    Sounds like you got a lemon from the word go:(
    I also heard this morning about Kleenmaid's BIG BIG problem - have no idea about service and warranty etc from now on..........if they can trade out it might not be so bad but their debts were astronomical ...........millions of dollars - so don't like your chances.
    Take care

  2. Grrrrrrrr!
    We had a fridge/freezer which was Jenn- air which is Kleenmaid.
    We were pre warned not to extend a warranty as It often costs more than the repirs and Is only a Lifetime/or whatever warranty as In the LIfetime of the company!!!

    Our freezer burnt out twice!!!
    And in the end w just wrote t off and bought another after twice losing freezer loads of food!
    It just makes you see red does'nt it?

  3. Maybe this is one reason why they went into receivership. Their products don't sound so good. Hope it gets sorted out!


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