Monday, April 27, 2009

How I missed home ....

We got home from our 2 weeks away at 5.30pm. It was 11C, the sky dark and menacing and we raced to find our warm socks and jumpers. I haven't had a longsleeved top on since we left on Easter Saturday..and I wore thongs the whole time too!
... it was back to usual this morning...iron a shirt and trousers for Angus...get Bri on the bus for school...
* the dishes because that rotten dishwasher of mine is permanently broken because Kleenmaid have gone broke (while the two owners own gazillion dollar mansions on the Gold Coast! their wives names!!). Fingers, toes and everything else crossed, we may still be able to source parts from Kleenmaid but I will have to wait maybe 2 months, if they begin to trade again! I have also been left with the warranty repair bills which Kleenmaid should have paid our local electrical guys - $260! Add this to the $259 I paid for a further 5 years Extended Warranty (about 2 minutes before Kleenmaid went bust!) and you can see why my blood pressure is up!
...but I have made progess this morning. Several loads of washing have been done, I've mostly unpacked and put away and the kitchen is gleaming once again.
Biggest problem is that its gonna rain on and off all day and I think its only about 12C outside - not good drying weather.
Have a nice day.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Yeh but.... Where did you go????

  2. Welcome home Joolz.

    It was warmish over where you went wasn't it? I only took two pairs of 3/4 pants because I thought it was going to cool down, so I was constantly wearing and washing them.

    We arrived home last Monday and then went for a few days to Pt Lincoln on Tuesday. Got back Friday, now I need a holiday!!!

    Back to work tomorrow.


  3. I thought todays post would be about.
    My Trip To..........

  4. So impatient, Caroline!

    Thank you, Tania! I actually did my Anzac post while driving through Pt Augusta on Saturday. It was pouring with rain and we were enroute to Adelaide from Ceduna (another big day)otherwise I would have looked you up for sure.

    Mandy - It may take a few days to get my Holiday post up. Rain and wet washing do not go together. I got industrious this morning then had to go to work at 1pm until 5pm so all has ground to a halt.

    Stay tuned....

  5. Ialways love getting home from vacation ~ grrrr about the dishwasher! your kitchen looks spic and span and very nice :)

  6. How inspirational your kitchen looks...mine needs some desparate cleaning up this morning, so you'll be my inspiration.

    How sad about your top rack keeps trying to joing the bottom rack, but I keep on "rigging" it back up!

    blessings on you,


  7. That is the one thing about going on a trip that I don't like, when you get back there is all that washing, yuk, but it is so lovely to be back home and sleeping in your own bed.

  8. No seriously Joolz where did you go I am with Caroline.........

  9. Welcome home! Two lovely weeks.... *sigh*

    Oh my... I've gotta say that your kitchen is fantastic! I have an older house and the kitchen re-do is my my list of dreams. Maybe when I'm old, eh?
    Yours is exactly what I've been dreaming about - 'cept the dishasher problems of course!
    Grrrrrr to that!


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