Friday, February 6, 2009

Furniture hunting...

K18 will move to Adelaide on 22nd February to start life as a Uni student. She is doing a Bachelor of Management (Marketing) over 3 years. We have secured a great room in a shared townhouse, very close to the city centre. She will share with a guy from our home town and his girlfriend and another guy. They are a bit older than her but I think she will get on okay with them. They will be coming and going all the time so they shouldn't be under each others feet too much.

Yesterday, we went hunting for bedroom furniture. We picked up a white melamine dressing table with a big square mirror (a neccessity!), a white desk with book shelves attached, a white bedside table and a little cupboard on wheels for her TV stand. We got all this for $240 and it's in really good nick. She will take her queen sized bed from home so she will have that comfort.

It will be quite exciting decorating her room - she has picked out some fabric to cover some art canvases and her large pin-up board - she can pin photos to them and display jewellery/trinkets etc. These fabrics compliment her new quilt cover which is a dark coffee colour and she has a watermelon pink chenille throw rug to brighten it up. I'll post photos when we cover the canvases.

It's much cooler here today, still warm and muggy but not 40C thank goodness. I'm hoping for a quiet weekend of pottering.

Have a nice weekend - Cheers from Joolz

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  1. I am glad it is not hot there with the organising that you have to do. My son who is nearly finished Uni moved there on the 11th February, a little earlier than some other unis, it is amazing how you remember the date.

    It sounds like everything is going well, that is fantastic.


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