Saturday, February 7, 2009

Beautiful sunset....

Two shots of our sunset last night, the evening had started to cool down nicely and the light was amazing.
Early this morning, would you believe we had a really heavy shower of rain. It pounded the roof for probably 2 minutes then stopped but it settled the dust. Two hours of rain would be appreciated right now.

- Joolz


  1. Lovely sunset Joolz.

    Your new look blog looks great.

    Lucky you having some rain. Today we are 47C with a change in sight. No rain though I don't think. I think the garden is past it now anyway. The citrus fruit is falling off the trees or they are baked in their skins. The trees are so stressed, hope we don't lose them as it has taken 5 years to get them established.

    The ABC radio is saying the change has reached Ceduna and Port Lincoln but we sometimes don't get it until much later being further north. Adelaide will probably get the change before us.

    Have a great weekend,


  2. Gorgeous photos...and the tree silhouettes too! kath

  3. Oh those picture are truly gorgeous.
    The heat has been so challenging.
    We have had a koala visit since yesterday and never get them just so hot andlooking for water,More frogs in the kids swimming pool too.
    We got the 2 mins of rain on our tin roof it woke up my middle missy and hubby and I and then stopped.
    I had clothes on the line too...Would've thought it'd rain on them???
    Keep cool,Poor plants animals and people

  4. Hi there ~ just popped over to say thank you for your comment on my blog!
    I love the photos ~ just beautiful!!
    Take care ~ love and hugs Tabitha XXX

  5. That's really beautiful.I have never seen the sunset like this.很美,希望有天能够欣赏到这样great的日落.


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