Sunday, January 18, 2009

Early morning gardening and a tidy home...

Bonnie cat was up early to help me do some gardening. Cat on a pole!
Feeling very pleased with myself. Got it all weeded and roses dead-headed by 9am.

This is sweet Tilly. I bought her from our local weekly market.

You can see she had 3 little kitties in her pockets.

This is our family/dining room. Neat and tidy for a change.
I love when I can tidy and no-one messes it up. Everyone was still asleep this morning when I took this pic.

Have a good week. We are having visitors from Melbourne for the Australia Day long weekend. Hope to do some four-wheel driving along the coast, maybe visit the Coonawarra for lunch at Hollicks and just chill out here a bit. Hope the weather is good.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. Gotta love a tidy house and that garden looks pretty good as well....I have come to visit from Kris' blog - you left a message that your daughter has got into uni...congratulations to her and I hope you find some accommodation for her...Really enjoyed your blog and will back to visit again!

  2. It all looks so lovely and fresh! I'm amazed at your garden though... here in the Western district of Vic, everything is going all dry and brown already. Unfortunately, there's no water to be had and even showers will be limited soon. :o(
    It did my heart good to see your lovely flower bed though!

  3. Those cupcakes look yummy. You have a beautiful yard. We are working on ours to make it nice.

  4. So love clean shiny floors.:D Looks lovely:)


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