Wednesday, January 14, 2009

39 Degrees Celcius then to the beach....

After a very hot day at work, we packed the car with a bbq tea and headed for the beach at Southend. This is B15 and her friend M14 frollicking in the waves.
Clowning around in the shallows. Very cooling.
K18 took this photo, love the water flick!
A pair of bathing beauties sunning themselves in the dunes.
Time for a bit of high-flying dune leaping! Who has the energy??
A quiet talk between friends..or giggling more like!
We had lamb schazliks, sausages, red noodle salad, satay rice and tossed green salad. Posh for the beach I know, but it was very yummy.
This is our BabyQ Weber barbecue. It is ideal for the beach and the lid keeps the sand out if the winds blowing and it keeps the meat hot after you turn it off. Fabbo!
As the sun started to sink lower, I started taking photos of the sunset. It started out a bright yellow and at this stage it was still very hot. Not real sure of the time but it must have been about 8pm.
Still talking and giggling...
...the waves kept rolling in, the sun getting a deeper yellow...
...almost down over the point at Southend....
...ooops, this one should have been above, either that or the sun has risen higher again...
...the colours were amazing....
...typical women, still talking...
...the clouds put on a wonderful display....
...this was the end result....
Just beautiful...
...they stopped talking just long enough to pose....
the heat had finally gone out of the day. We stayed until way after dark, just watching the sea then made our way home through the sand dunes via Bevelaqua's Track. We are so lucky that the beach is only 20 minutes from our house.
Hope all you other South Aussies stayed cool today.
Cheers - Joolz


  1. What beautiful photos.

    Hope you kept cool enough, I think there is more heat coming next week.


  2. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures, especially the sunset....we are at minus 27 celsius this morning and unbelieveably the temp is actually dropping. A very cold Arctic front. Come see my snowy fields, what a contrast!

  3. Oh how gorgeous what a wondeful way to spend the end of a hot day.

    I am speechless and in awe that you had the energy to get a BBQ dinner ready and make a plan like that after a day of work I am really struggling with my orgnaisation.


  4. Joolz, I am completely swept away by your photos. Fabulous! You must be using a really spectacular camera to get results like that, PLEASE don't tell me you only used a bog-standard digi.
    love, Angie, xx

  5. Joolz, these photos are quite astounding! Glad I popped in today. I'll be back. :)


  6. Fortunately we have a pool and as it got dark we were relaxing in the pool. Your beach looks very empty for a 39 degree day!


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