Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something that we do...

Something That We Do - by Clint Black

I remember well the day we wed,

I can see that picture in my head.

I still believe the words we said

Forever will ring true.

Love is certain, love is kind,

love is yours and love is mine,

But it isn't something that we find,

it's something that we do.

It's holding tight, lettin' go,

it's flying high and laying low.

Let your strongest feeling show

and your weakness too.

It's a little and a lot to ask,

an endless and a welcome task.

Love isn't something that we have,

It's something that we do.

We help to make each other all that we can be

though we can find our strength and inspiration independently.

The way we work together is what sets our love apart,

so closely that you can't tell where I end and where you start.

It give me heart remembering how

we started with a simple vow,

There's so much to look back on now

Still if feels brand new.

We're on a road that has no end

and each day we begin again

Love's not just something that we're in

It's something that we do.

Love is wide, love is long

love is deep and love is strong.

Love is why I love this song

and I hope you love it too.

I remember well the day we wed,

I can see the picture in my head

Love isn't just those words we said,

It's something that we do.

There's no request too big or small

We give ourselves, we give our all,

Love isn't someplace that we fall,

It's something that we do.......

- Joolz


  1. I am assuming he let you have the time off???


  2. I love this...I'm going to copy it out and give it to my hubby! :)

  3. Happy New Year!

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