Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh dear...

My day got off to a bad start! Would you believe, my mobile phone fell into the toilet? I had it in my back pocket of my trackpants, then went for a tinkle just before my morning walk and 'splosh'!!!

I am so upset - it was a great phone - it was pearly white and shiny chrome and it was nice and it was easy to use and, and, and I think I'm gonna cry! :(

I feel so disconnected from everything - still no internet at home, now no mobile until I sort out a replacement - maybe my old fax machine will blow up too! :)
- Joolz
PS - Daisymum - the first song is for you! Yeehah! :)


  1. My neighbour a few years back... lost her front teeth down the loo. Sneezed as she flushed.......oops

  2. Thanks for the song Joolz. It always makes me so happy!!!

    Now maybe all these technological breakdowns are the universes way of telling you to KICK BACK AND ENJOY THE MOMENT. 20 years ago we weren't in touch with everyone all the time and I don't remember being desperately unhappy about it
    and lets face it this time of year when the mobile goes off it ususally someone you haven't seen allyear (for good reason) wanting to catchup before "Christmas", or work that you will have to get done by "Christmas" - think of it as forced "SIMPLIFYING".

    Just a thought but if you live the theory that everything happens for a reason it makes sense.

    love and hugs


  3. Lol! Well, yes! I would believe it. My husband has done that a couple of times. Quite some time ago now. Both times his phone was fine. Maybe mobiles were more robust then! And I feel your pain! I know that years ago we didn't have all this instant communication etc, but I REALLY like it. (I love being able to catch up with my kids if they're late or having them SMS me if plans change. It makes me happy and calmer!) Of course, most people don't have my mobile number so it's usually only my family that rings! (I simplify by not giving my number to people!)


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