Thursday, December 18, 2008

A newby...

I settled for a black phone, instead of a nice white/chrome one like I had. None of my 'contacts' were saved to my sim card so I lost all of those in the dead phone. Don't know why they don't tell you somewhere that you should save to the sim card as well as the phone.... or maybe I'm just dumb! Anyhoo, I am now back in comunicado.
My dear other half is no so fortunate - he lost/misplaced his phone *gasps* the same day that mine took a swim in the porcelain swimming pool! *giggles* Can you believe, 2 phones in one day!
He is a business man and losing his phone means he has lost about 20 years worth of phone numbers and addresses of clients and colleagues etc. Plus it's just plain annoying not to have the phone you are used to. He has diverted his number to an old dinosaur that he had about 5 years ago but it doesn't even have an earpiece for using in the car - we have come a long way with BlueTooth! I have a feeling he will remedy the situation this afternoon when he goes to Mt.G.
K18 got her Yr 12 results yesterday but I don't have it all in front of me so I won't brag here and now. She was very pleased (as were we) with her TER score and this will allow her to hopefully get into the course/s she wants for next year. We'll wait for the offers on Jan. 15th now to see what she is offered.
I seem to have come to a stand still with Christmas - I have a bit of biscuit baking to do but I think I'll leave it until the weekend so they are fresher for gifts. I need to do some wrapping but the girls are home so I may do that tomorrow as they are going to Mt. G shopping/lunching etc. I will have to wangle a few hours off work - do you think the boss will let me? I'll threaten not to cook his dinner if he doesn't - Lol!!
Cheers - Joolz

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  1. Stinks when you have to put all those numbers and names back into a new phone. YIKES!!!


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