Saturday, October 4, 2008

...I'm back!

Wow, time flies! Haven't posted since Sept. 25th - where did all those days go?

Doing - laundry, spot cleaning, ironing, lazing about drinking coffee.

Making - a stitchery for one of my sisters for Christmas. Just traced the pattern (Rhonda Jeans Live Simply design) and now picking out the colours for the cottons. Must get stuck into it.

Reading - Twilight by Stephenie Meyer - my two girls have read all 4 of her books and now I must say I am hooked. Vampires!

Watching - Packed to the Rafters, Open All Hours - Ronnie Barker.

Dinner - 'A' is cooking tonight, he's been rifling throught the cook books so perhaps I'll let it be a surprise!

Outside it's - sunny and warm with alight breeze. I should get in a bit of weeding this afternoon. See how I feel later. I'm still getting over this cold/sinus thing that I have had for 3 weeks now.

Going - to Adelaide tomorrow with K17 so she can do a Geography tutorial at a tuition centre. Hopefully it will boost her exam results.

Wearing - trackies, windcheater and my new white Havaiana thongs with silver logo. My feet are cold, though. Anyone outside of Aus should know that thongs are flip-flops, not underwear! He he he!

Lunch - "A' just got back from town and we are having bbq sausages in fresh bread with tomato sauce for lunch and some left-over lasagne from last night. Yummo. He likes to cook on weekends - who am I to argue!

Wishing - everyone a lovely, relaxed weekend. I hope you do just what you want and nothing more.

Until next time, stay safe

Cheers from Julie

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  1. Glad to have you back Julie.

    It is amazing how fast time gets away from sounds like you were busy doing many good things.

    Have a nice weekend


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