Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A busy week ahead

Spring has sprung and today is a beautiful sunny day after a white frost this morning. I didn't go for my usual walk at 6am as KP is away on a two day break with her husband. I did get early though and made fresh blueberry and white choc and triple choc muffins for K17 and B14 before they went off on the bus to school at 7.30am. Lucky girls.

It is the MSEFL Grand Final this coming Saturday. K17's Hatherleigh B Grade Netball team are in the GFinal and so is KP's 13/Under side that she coaches. She is getting nervous. Hopefully the weather will be something like today.

There is a spate of gastro going around at the moment. My work off-sider, Joe, is home crook with it. It has gone through his family, literally! Fingers crossed we don't get it. We are not usually susceptable to these bugs so here's hoping.

Here is a Christmas gift plea... does anyone have any quirky ideas for inexpensive, hand made gifts made from fabric that I can make for my sisters. I'm not the worlds best sewer so anything glued/sewn would be handy. Let me know if you do. Last year the theme was 'anything made from paper' and it was quite surprising how the 5 of us interpreted it. We all made very different gifts and we were thrilled with them. But fabric is not my forte so I am struggling for ideas..and time is ticking by!!

I have found some lovely blogs and I cant believe how inspiring some of these women are. I am in awe of home-schooling mums (moms) and love reading of frugal and simple lives. It does the heart good to read of others daily lives.

I live in a small country town and we do day to day things. Theres Basketball, tennis, netball each week. We own our business and both work in it. It has given us opportunities to see some beautiful places in the world. We have been to Dubai, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Italy, India, England, Tahiti, New Zealand and Hawaii. I am blessed to have a beautiful new home, a wonderful husband who loves me, two teenage girls who have not been a nightmare to raise. They are polite, respectful, gorgeous, funny, academic, extremely messy when it comes to their bedrooms and bathroom and laundry duty, Gilmore Girls addicts (Oh yes, we have the 7 seasons on DVD!) and they are usually AWOL when it comes to doing the dishes. Sound familiar?? Life, I love it!

Keep smiling,



  1. Hi there,
    Welcome to the world of blogging.
    Although they are not very quirky, you could try making serviettes from fabric, not too much sewing,
    just straight lines, and easy to make. I have even made serviettes with fringed edges - no sewing but a bit of a pain to pull all the threads out.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. There are quite a few South Australian blogs out there. I am hoping to put a few links to them on my blog this weekend.
    take care

  3. How about covering the fronta piece of MDF with thin foam, over-cover it with some pretty fabric (from shop oddments bin), fastening it at the back with glue and/or staples. Attach lengths of narrow elastic diagonally to make large diamond pattern and fasten these at the back too. Cover all of the messy looking stuff at the back with a piece of self-adhesive shelf covering. There you have a notide board! Instead of pinning things on you tuck them behind the elastic strips.

    You could even make a stylised sort of floppy flower to attach to the corner made from the fabric you used for the board.

    Does it work? I dunno, it sounds ok to me but I'm not the world's handiest person. You've got me thinking now!

    Angie, xx


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